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 It is our goal and purpose to use Perspective as a platform to educate and provide employment to our Veterans and individuals with a past legal history who may find it hard to secure employment due to scars on their records, such as Felonies / Parole and Probation attachments to their name.


We at Perspective believe the experience and knowledge our Veterans possess is a hidden treasure that needs to be imparted into others. Our established relationships with elite training facilities and skilled instructors who have Military and Law

Enforcement experience sets the standard for Perspective and our operations strategy.


It is our desire to see others succeed in Life that makes us confident that our program will be beneficial to those who go through our program and for the communities we serve.


It is our vision at Perspective to equip rehabilitated individuals who are familiar with the mindset and behaviors of criminal activities and use that knowledge towards helping secure our communities. We are proud to provide employment to our Veterans and give them a platform with an opportunity to put their experience and leadership skills towards guiding our rehabilitated hires back into the workforce.


Our team is built up of Risk Assessment Agents, Detail Operatives, Strategy Teams, Safety Officers, Task-force Agents, Operations Managers, and Other Agents who make it possible for us to set the Standard.


Our teams go in and do Risk Assessments on Residential and Commercial Properties along with Private contracts that will extend our services to that area of need. Once the Risk Assessment Agents have determined the areas of vulnerability, our other team members put together a strategic plan of action to secure those areas and offer our clients a solution through our affiliates who specialize in security and enforcing security measures that are put in place.


Our Veterans are offered an opportunity to attend an elite Executive Protection training program where they can also utilize their G.I. bill to fund their schooling cost per the G.I. Bill requirements and restrictions. After completion of the training program each graduate will Be a Certified Executive Protection Agent and have access to employment with Perspective. Upon completion of the specific course they will be able to work with Perspective on Risk Assessment details along with be certified and available as an independent contractor to accept other Executive Protection details our affiliates offer.


Our recruits who have Felonies or Probationary restrictions attached to their record will be trained through a tailored program that follows the guidelines of their individual restrictions that will allow them the opportunity to work as a Risk Assessment Agent or in other areas that they qualify for employment through Perspective and other possible detail positions through our affiliates.


It is our vision to not only provide the proper training for employment but also to rehabilitate areas of need in other lives through the training platforms our affiliates offer and to help everyone succeed and be placed back into the workforce.


We understand that we all have different backgrounds, diversified upbringings and original experiences in life. We also know that everyone must build their own testimony and make choices and decisions on how to live their life productively in their own communities.


Every community has its own area of need, different cultural beliefs and standards. Our desire is to set the foundation for every individual to have an opportunity to grow and be educated on how to set the standard in their community and to understand how to best accommodate that need.


We are looking forward to raising up, equipping and sending out successful teams into the communities we serve as we set the standard for success through Perspective.


We are always looking for individuals who believe in our mission to co-labor with us through insight, resource leads and donations that help us enlarge our territory and provide training and jobs for our Veterans and staff. If you feel led to be a part of the solution you can contact us through our website, email or phone number and a staff member will be readily available to assist you.


We Don’t Cut Corners, We Cover Them!

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