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About Us

A Servant's Heart Ministry was created and compelled by the compassion of God's heart towards us. Hand crafted by God as he has given us the vision to set in motion.


We have a desire to serve others where they are in life, but desire to lead them to Christ through love and by being an expression of Gods heart.


It says In Philippians 1:6 "Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ."


To us that says "come as you are ,but don't stay where you were".


We know every situation and circumstance is different and requires an approach unique to its cause. We all have to build our own testimony in life and having someone to pray and walk through it with us makes a world of difference in the process.


We see our service as an opportunity to meet the needs of people and to establish conversations on a more intimate level through Truth.


Our Gift Certificate Program allows others to give the gift of service to a loved one or someone they see with a need.


We pray for Gods  wisdom and guidance in all we do, we pray that our conversations speak truth through Love and the word of God.


I was broken-down and beaten, battered, and betrayed. The world I lived in was chaos and I became its slave until Jesus touched me and set me free....


That's my bio on Twitter @lifeAfTRteenmom . But the reality is there is so much more that goes into the path that takes us through this journey we call life. It is the unspoken struggles that hold us captive.


I know first hand how it feels to be broken and bound, but more important is that I know the reality of freedom and the power that has set me free, "you see I was young and afraid, fighting hard to find my place.  Fear quickly turned into anger and my heart became hardened very fast . I was running but had no idea from what and no idea where I was going. The world offered many solutions but I only ended up with empty promises and more scars along the way.


I trusted no one, accepted nothing, and fought for everything, in hopes to find freedom. I quickly found out that independence didn't make me stronger, It only Made my heart harder. In my pursuit for freedom I experienced a living God who met me where I was, and cared about me even when I didn't care about myself.


I took the love he offered one sip at a time, waiting for the disappointment, and expecting the familiar assault that always seemed to follow my vulnerability. The more I experienced his heart towards me, the more I wanted to know more of this God I'd heard about. My curiosity turned into hunger and prompted my quest for more of his love. The more I pursued him the more I experienced him. What I have experienced in the Lord is not someone I have been taught about,  but Someone I have experienced, Jesus my Lord and Savior Who Truly has set me free.


We know the power of prayer and have experienced the results first hand in our own lives. Prayer paves the way for others to hear the voice of God, it pushes back the chaos of this world so others can experience his touch.


It is our desire to raise up others in a way that brings the expression of God's heart , to give all an opportunity to stop running from the fears in this world and direct them into the arms of the Lord. There is a difference in a hand-up than a hand-out. Many want to be free but often times don't even know that freedom exist or how to obtain it.


We have the vision to use the gift of Ministry to offer the solution to life's chaos by giving the tools necessary to obtain freedom through, Jesus Christ.


Healed, delivered, and determined to see others free.. That is our prayer and purpose for A Servant's Heart Ministry

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