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REACH Application Requirements

  • Eligible customers of Pacific Gas & Electric can receive a grant once every 12 months.

  • Total account balance must be at least $100.00


  • Rate payers 62+ must have a balance of at least $50.00

  • The account must be in the name of an adult currently living in the home.


  • Account cannot be in the name of the landlord.


  • Account cannot be in the name of an individual not living at the address


  • The account must be a residential Single-family home or apartment


  • The maximum grant amount is $1,000.00


  • The total account balance must be paid down to $2,000.00


  • All payments for amount due over the $2,000.00 must be posted to the account to bring balance below the $2,000.00 before REACH will approve application.


  • Please note: all amounts that are past-due at the time the application is reviewed will be included.

 The REACH program will not assist with:

  • Security deposits or reconnection fees

  • Closed accounts

  • Transferred balances

Applicant must meet the income requirements and provide a signed application along with copies of the items listed below

  • Signed application

  • Proof of household income for last 30 days

  • Utility bill or termination notice

Click on the links below for income requirements and to download forms

Zero Income Form

REACH Application

2024 Annual Income Guidelines

Other Income Form

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