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I ________________On this day   _____________________ enter into this training contract with A Servant’s Heart Ministry. I understand the rules and standards of A Servant’s Heart Ministry that must be obeyed and exercised in my daily activities during my stay with A Servant’s Heart Ministry. This 30 day contract applies to a 30 day blackout period which restricts any outside contact such as phone calls, social media, on-site or off-site visits unless approved by the administrator in writing.


I fully understand should I choose to break any rules on-site or off-site, my stay at A Servant’s Heart Ministry ends immediately and I am not entitled to receive a 30 day notice or formal eviction process. I fully understand any fees paid to date will Not be reimbursed.___________


During my stay and training with A Servant’s Heart Ministry, I understand I will be working and serving along side a diverse group of people and will respect all those I come in contact with, and uphold the same standards of A Servant’s Heart Ministry.


I understand there is a zero-tolerance policy against the use of narcotics, alcohol, non-prescribed medications, vaping and nicotine or mind altering substances on-site or off-site during my contract with A Servant’s Heart Ministries. I agree to random room and or personal possession searches at the discretion of staff or administrators.


I ______________________ agree to random drug testing and fully understand the consequences of failing a drug test. I understand if I have a medical condition that requires regular intake of medication there will be a plan of action in place and a schedule to monitor my doses, that has to be approved by the administrator and placed in my folder onsite.



By signing this contract, I acknowledge I have read and fully understand the rules and policies of A Servant’s Heart Ministries.









                                                                  Applicant Signature _________________Date_____          





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