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Discipleship Course

Thank you for considering A Servant's Heart Ministry to Learn, Grow, Serve, and Mature with us in Christ. A Servant's Heart Ministry is a multi-facet ministry that was created to provide a platform for the Holy Spirit to Minister to individuals in a safe environment.


The needs and situations of each individual are unique and all require a different approach, but have the same solution "Jesus"


We know first hand the Lord is the only one who can bring Freedom, Deliverance, and Healing.
We are humbled to be used by the Lord for his Glory “For such a time as this”

A Servant’s Heart Ministry also has a Business that is customized to serve in many areas,such as:

  • Residential cleaning

  • Commercial cleaning

  • Home services

  • Hands on help

  • Personal services

  • Yard work and more


 Everyone will have an opportunity to serve and learn hands on in a professional setting


During this time of training each applicant will have an opportunity to walk with and learn hands on through the example and leadership of the different Ministries we Co-labor with.


 Pure Joy Ministries, founded and run by Linda Abid-Cummings

 Pure Joy Ministries is a Christ Centered Ministry that is Mission minded and operates through several different buildings.


Pure Joy Variety Store is a thrift store made up of Hand Maidens and Servants who dedicate their time freely to serve and train others, in the following:

  • Customer service

  • Money management / (Register)

  • Inventory control

  • Securing a facility / (opening and closing store)

  • Serving the needs of others

  • Stocking shelves


 Pure Joy Hall is a Historic building that is used to hold events and acts as a training facility in areas such as:

  • Setting up and breakdown of events

  • Commercial Cleaning

  • Construction

  • Landscaping

  • Stocking supplies

  • Organizing donations


House of Hope is the newest extension to Pure Joy Ministries; it is a residential housing unit that is used to house guest of Special events, Missionary teams, Pastors, and those that come to serve at Pure Joy Ministries. This facility is also used to hold bible studies, classes, and meetings. Those that come to Pure Joy Ministries will take part in and learn life skills such as:

  • Meal prep

  • House keeping

  • Yard care

  • Budgeting

  • Shopping

  • Personal care/ up-keep and other Biblical guidance necessary to fully function and walk confidently in the Lord


LightHouse Ranch   is a mission minded Ministry that holds Church services through Lively Stones Worship Center and also has a Private Christian school. LightHouse Ranch Christian Academy is housed and ran by Pastor Jim and Gloria Porteous along with family members who also have a passion to see others free in Christ. Each one gives of their time and skills by offering the following 

  • Christian education for school age children (on a available opening basis) 

  • Opportunity to learn basic hands on Animal Husbandry
    Trail riding

  • Basic animal behavior and Horsemanship techniques

  • Ranch animal grooming and hoof care

  • Ranch maintenance (fence building and mending, stall maintenance, building maintenance )

  • Light Construction

  • Grounds Maintenance

  • Organic gardening, including greenhouse with Aquaponic system

  • Healthy food preparation

Along with the ability to Participate in ranch fund raisers and serving along side others.

 SF Homeless Church Founded by Pastor Evan & April Prosser
Where one can Serve the homeless, participate in donation drives, and serve at the Grace Healing Home for men.



 During this time, it is our goal to build you up physically and Spiritually into the Men and Women of God you were created to be.

It is the policy of A Servant's Heart Ministry to have a black out period for the first thirty days. The black out period is designed to keep all outside distractions from influencing the decision to seek the Lord for divine direction. Immediate family members can communicate with staff to receive updates and progress.


The fee to enter a 30-day training program is $600.00 which pays for all meals, lodging, toiletries and traveling expenses to off-site meetings and services. Everyone is required to bring any specific brand or product they prefer to use during their stay. (otherwise they will be provided with what's available on-site)

The first week into A Servant's Heart Ministry " Training Program” 
Establishing an understanding of who we are called to be in Christ, and why we were created. The first week will be a time of getting situated and comfortable with the new environment and schedule. There will be one-on-one meetings, introductions to other team members and staff, bible study and engaging in any scheduled events taking place that week.

The second week will be geared towards specific issues or struggles one may be facing, and understanding the warfare and Spiritual Battle at hand. It will also consist of prayer time individually and corporate prayer with staff. Bible studies, meal prep and everyday household chores, and individual responsibilities will be assigned.

Throughout the training process, everyone will be expected to engage in and interact as a whole. We encourage questions and conversations frequently to bring clarification or to address any concerns.  A Servant's Heart Ministry provides a platform for the Holy Spirit to freely move as we create a safe place to be vulnerable and set free by the Lord. It is our desire to Raise up, Equip, and send out Leaders who will set a standard and lead others into the arms of Our Lord.  



 We provide an intensive training program for 30 days that focuses on Teaching Biblical Truths and how to apply them to our daily lives. Our main Focus is on Salvation and understanding Gods plan and purpose for us all. We will also be instrumental in encouraging and teaching life skills such as:

  • Learning how to live in this world but not be of this world

  • Learning basic life skills

  • How to carry one’s self with confidence and integrity

  • How to keep living quarters, cook, clean, and maintain a lifestyle that brings Glory to God.

  • How to maintain a budget to be financially stable

  • How to serve and to be selfless as we serve the needs of others


We are humbled to be able to provide a training program fitted to each individual’s needs, through the different Ministries, Pastors, Missionaries  we Co-labor with. Those we serve alongside also have a desire to see others experience the same freedom in Christ.

At the end of the 30 day training program there is an opportunity to stay and continue to grow, mature and develop skills that can be applied to a resume and this Journey of life, also the opportunity to be considered to stay on-site as a Senior Resident to serve alongside us as we serve the Lord      

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