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 Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my father which is in Heaven.          

                                          Mathew 10:32

 A Servant’s Heart Ministry is a ministry perfectly defined by its title. Everyone in the cover of the ministry is called to always serve whoever God has placed in their presence. Whether you are a family pulled off the side of the freeway with a flat tire, a family who has lost their house in a forest fire, or a teenager trying to make sense of this world, those ministering to you will be the hands and feet of Jesus serving you with unconditional love. Webster’s Dictionary defines ministry as religiously attending to the needs of someone. This ministry heeds the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit and with a servant’s heart attends to the needs God alone tells them you have. From my own experience, you don’t even need to tell the ministry what you are struggling with before they are already taking action on your behalf.


 My first experience of A Servant’s Heart Ministry was through a Twitter prayer chat. I noticed some pretty powerful prayers coming from a specific prayer warrior who happened to be the ministry’s founder. I asked this woman some spiritual questions through private messaging and we soon exchanged numbers so we could text. Within the first week, I noticed that this woman would text me words of exhortation in key moments of my life. I would be having a lustful daydream when she would text me to remain pure. I would be feeling lonely when she would text me that I was Jesus’ Beloved. I would be scared that I was going to lose my intimacy with Jesus and she would text me to keep pursuing Him. It wasn’t long before I saw that every contact I had with this woman was led directly by the Holy Spirit. I remember feeling scared at first, because I was seeing that I was extremely vulnerable to this woman, and I wasn’t used to being this seen by someone. Though we lived hundreds of miles apart and we wouldn’t meet in person for more than a year, this ministry was starting to shape my life like no other ministry I had ever been a part of.


 A Servant’s Heart Ministry is Holy Spirit led. This woman would tell me things about myself that I had never told her; intimate aspects of my testimony that God revealed to her so she could minister His wisdom and voice into my life. I would constantly experience a battle in the physical and natural realm and she would sense it in the spiritual and reach out to me. Sometimes I would even reach out to her to ask her to pray for me, and she would tell me God had already laid it on her heart to pray for me. This immediate action of an ally and support in my battles would help me be victorious in Jesus. Through this experience of her advice and presence I learned how to hear the Holy Spirit in my own heart showing me the victorious path in freedom.


 A Servant’s Heart Ministry is a praying ministry. From the moment I met this woman, she took it upon herself to battle in prayer on my behalf. Having an intercessor like this showed me Jesus’ heart of an intercessor. Scripture says Jesus intercedes on our behalf and wages war for us. I saw through this woman’s actions in this physical world, Jesus’ actions in the spiritual.


 A Servant’s Heart Ministry provides a family for broken people. I had always desired a wiser and older Christian woman to spiritually adopt me in the faith. This woman took me under her wing and made me one of her own. In doing this, she showed me how Father God adopts me and makes me one of His own.


 A Servant’s Heart Ministry provides opportunity for serving those in need. Through this ministry’s guidance, I was able to reach out to the Homeless Church of San Francisco. Through serving there I not only touched other’s souls, but my own soul was touched by the hearts of those I met.


 A Servant’s Heart Ministry provides conferences where women can safely gather in fellowship. I have been to three Contagious Love conferences held by A Servant’s Heart Ministry and hope to go to more in the future. At these three conferences I was delivered from both an orphan spirit and a spirit of offense. These deliverances weren’t easy, but this woman counseled me through the process and Jesus set me free! When I was made aware of these evil spirits I was so scared and so afraid of what I saw, but God strategically placed me in this woman’s covering so that I could smoothly heal and be made free in a safe environment of love.


 A Servant’s Heart Ministry does not tolerate anyone to idly live in sin. When God revealed any of my strongholds to this woman, she would gently guide me in the steps to be delivered. But! If I didn’t walk those out myself, she would make it very clear to me that it had to be action on my part, not hers, that would set me free. I am so very grateful to God for revealing so much to this woman and for the grace she showed me to challenge me to grow. This ministry definitely personifies scripture when it says to be like iron sharpening iron.


 A Servant’s Heart Ministry seeks to save lives that are at the edge of committing suicide. The first few years of my contact with this ministry I was heading into the deepest depression and I ended up wanting to take my own life. During this horrible time when I was attacked from the enemy from every side trying to make me go insane, this woman was an earthly voice saying the words of Jesus. She gave me hope and as her words anchored me, she showed me how Jesus is my anchor in this life. 


 A Servant’s Heart Ministry sees that testimonies are ongoing. I have grown into a healthy woman in Christ because of the interaction with this woman and her guidance. But even as a healthy woman, I sometimes have questions or need advice. This woman is always available to answer any of my questions. She always speaks God’s love into my life and leads me to the truths found in Scripture.


 I am so happy God led the founder of A Servant’s Heart Ministry to me. I have never known such pure Christ-centered love and such Truth. Scripture says to judge people’s ministries by their fruit. It took time and it was very gradual, but years after walking side by side with this ministry, I have come to see all the fruit in my life. I am so blessed! I am so free! There will always be more for me to be freed from and I will always have battles, but I can say, I once was broken and bound and I am now dancing free in the Spirit! 


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